Monday, January 30, 2017

                                Great Gatsby Chapter 1 Quiz

P.S ; Dr.Preston , as you can see the time I posted this post, I didn't have time before class started for myself to get up the Quiz on time, but I did screenshot the questions. Hopefully it is still acceptable

1.) D
2.) D
3.) C
4.) B
5.) D
6.) A
7.) A
8.) A
9.) C
10.) D
11.) B
12.) B

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


   Yes, music can be considered as literature. When it comes down to music it always has a background or story to it. Since music can be produced in many ways, literature can be produced through musical lyrics. The differences between a novel, a rap, and a poem is the way they are portrayed. For example, a novel is written in paragraphs and grammar and all that crap, which to a rap is written into lyrics and slang. In reality I really don't see a difference between them, just how they are seen and understood; besides they all have a story to it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

             Hello 2017!

       Over a year I've noticed some changes on myself. My perspective on things are more open-minded. I'm more of a truthful person. Last year I'd be so doubtful and all vulnerable. I guess I've changed mentally wise.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Leslie ; related to song lyrics from 21 pilots. had 2 pictures of their album that represented what she though stood out for her. song lyrics in a relation to Emerson was good.

Samari ; related to a poster; included: uncle sam, philanthropy, quotes. talked about how we need to be compelling upon ourselves.

Daniel/Katarina ; related to a bunch of magazine pictures and words. powerful messages were showed observantly and verbally. what stood out was to thrive  

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Vocab Fall List #6
Meme : an element of cultural or a system that is passed from an individual to another, especially imitation.
Virus : a type of code that's capable of copying itself and may have an affect on corrupting a system or destroying data.
Viral : an entertainment that is circulated rapidly on the internet.
Blog : a regularly updated website or webpage, short for weblog.
Wiki : a collaborative and editorial site.
URL : a uniform resource locater, knows also as a web address.
Website : a location connected to the internet.
www : world wide web.
Internet : a global system of interconnected computer networks.
2.0 : a newer & better version of something.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

catharsis : purpose of using emotional release
taboo : something forbidden by culture
sordid : ignoble actions or motives
swindle : a scheme or action
frivolous : not having any serious purpose or value
inadvertently : without intention
incendiary : incendiary of a bomb or device
jargon : form of language
colloquialism : not formal or literary
archaism : old fashioned
cudgel : short thick stick
egregious : bad or shocking
anesthetize : loss of consciousness 
euphonious : sound pleasing to the ear
scrupulous : diligent
perverted : something being corrupted by its original meaning
superfluous : unecessary
Saxon : language of the Saxons
slovenly : messy and dirty
provocation : an action  or speech making someone annoyed or angry